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Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic procedure designed to change the shape and appearance of the nose. With rhinoplasty, patients can improve the symmetry of their facial features, thus producing lasting, more pleasing aesthetic results. In some cases, it also brings about improved breathing.

Bring about a positive change to the way you look at life, with the help of rhinoplasty in Dubai. Trust the leading rhinoplasty surgeon in the city – visit Shefa Polyclinic today.

Why Choose Shefa Polyclinic for Rhinoplasty

Here at Shefa Polyclinic Dubai, we understand the importance of one’s appearance and being confident in how you look. That is why the surgeons, doctors, nurses, and medical staff are Dubai clinic are passionate to help our patients achieve the results they want to see, at the end of every procedure.

To this end, we take the time to sit down with our patients to fully understand their desires, objectives, and expectations regarding the procedure. Our doctors will ask you which features of your nose you dislike, and what changes you would like to see.

This is followed by a discussion regarding the coverage and extent of the procedure, along with any potential side effects. A detailed explanation of the procedure is given to patients, so they can appreciate the work that will be performed. Additionally, we make sure our patients completely understand the risks of the procedure, as well as the level of discomfort that can be expected during and after the operation.

If, after the introduction and discussion with the rhinoplasty surgeon, the patient is still willing to move forward with the operation, our medical staff will reserve a booking and finalise a schedule for the procedure. Then, the dedicated rhinoplasty surgeon and our team in Dubai will go through intensive preoperative planning to ensure the patient’s safety and welfare, first and foremost, and to make sure the patient’s desired outcome is achieved.

Post-procedure: What to expect immediately after having Rhinoplasty in Dubai

After the surgery, patients can expect very minimal discomfort or pain. The most obvious discomfort post-surgery would be the inability to breathe through both nostrils. This will be caused by the swelling of the nose, which will be apparent for a couple of days. However, in one to two weeks’ time, the patient should be able to return to normal breathing.

Additionally, regular appointments with the rhinoplasty surgeon should be expected after the surgery. This is to ensure that there are no complications with the results of the operation, and that the patient is not experiencing anything out of the unusual.

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