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Intralasik Dubai

Laser in-situ keratomileus, or LASIK, is a widely and extensively used refractive eye surgery which can correct farsightedness, near-sightedness, astigmatism (defect in the eye’s surface curvature) and presbyopia (losing focus on nearby objects). At New Al Shefa Clinic, we provide best lasik in dubai for the treatment replacing the old method microkeratome blade.

IntraLASIK surgery works by carefully remolding the cornea (which is a transparent front part of the eye, dome-shaped), allowing correct and proper focusing of the light rays that pass through the sensitive cornea onto the retina.

Why New Al Shefa for Lasik Eye Surgery in Dubai

Our services have revolutionized the procedure of laser eye surgery by replacing the old microkeratome blade with a new and high-tech computer-guided laser. The outcome and results are accurate as compared to other processes performed for eyesight correctness.

New Al Shefa is one of the renowned clinics with high profile doctors performing LASIK in Dubai. We continue to make investment in new technology through which we ensure our patients the availability of the safest LASIK surgery in Dubai with the optimum and best possible outcome for the improved vision.

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It’s time to see the world crystal clear, without blur and squinting your eyes. Put your contact lenses and eyewear back in their case.

We offer a FREE consultation for the world’s latest technology IntraLASIK in Dubai. Call today and book an appointment to get a consultation with our specialist doctors.

IntraLASIK Surgery

The method and technique are 100% blade-free which is used to perform the most critical first step during the procedure. Your ophthalmologist at NEW Al Shefa will create the corneal flap. By creating this corneal flap your eye will be prepared for the second step of the procedure in which our expert doctors will use an excimer laser on the inner cornea for the correction of vision.

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Pre-Surgery Evaluation for IntraLASIK in Dubai

If you have decided to go ahead with Intra LASIK surgery or any other refractive procedure, our doctors will provide free consultation and you have to undergo a pre-surgery evaluation process.

  • To start, you have to switch over to glasses and stop wearing contact lenses at least 2-3 weeks before the procedure
  • Maintain good ophthalmic hygiene to reduce infection before going under the surgery conducted by our doctors with an extensive experience in performing the procedure of LASIK in Dubai.
  • Avoid using all types of eye makeup before and after surgery for few days

Before preparing surgery at New Al Shefa, your doctor will thoroughly review your complete medical history and also conduct a comprehensive eye examination through which we measure your cornea irregularities and take a note of the shape. This helps the experienced surgeons in determining the exact region of the cornea that needs reshaping.

Before Surgery Tell Your Doctor

  • Your present and past ophthalmic and other medical conditions.
  • Allergic reactions you have faced or you might face from any medication

After a thorough exam, and consultation the doctors at New Al Shefa will provide information

  • Whether you are a right candidate for performing the surgery of IntraLASIK
  • The benefits, risks, and alternatives of the LASIK surgery in Dubai
  • The procedures and expectation before, during and after the completion of the surgery
  • Pre and post-surgery responsibilities

Before Surgery

To optimize surgery results stop using

  • Lotions
  • Cream
  • Perfumes
  • Makeup

Advantages of Lasik & Intralasik

  • 20/20 vision correctness chances
  • Lesser probability of losing contrast sensitivity or visual quality
  • Night-vision complications eliminated

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